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Deep Gratitude




01 about

I am an artist with no education other than a hard life experience.

"In this collection, the artist masterfully combines the dynamic elements of acrylic ink, watercolor, and acrylic paint on canvas and watercolor sheets. The resulting pieces are a testament to the artist's burgeoning talent and their deep connection to the art of surrender, healing from trauma, and embracing the path of a lightworker."

"Remember that art is a deeply personal and evolving journey. Your life experiences and unique perspective are valuable assets in your artistic expression. Keep nurturing your passion for art, and you'll continue to grow and evolve as an artist."

I am growing. Follow me to see me growing!

Key word: fineart, mixedmedia, drawing, acrylicpainting, abstact, artofsurrender


02 portfolio


03 art of surrender

Discover the profound and uplifting world of "Art of Surrender." These abstract modern art drawings are not merely pieces on canvas; they are gateways to self-reflection, healing, and the radiant light that resides within us all. Embrace the journey, and let the art speak to your soul.


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Linda Selmi ART

Tel: +47 988 20 498

Eiriks gate 14, 0650 Oslo, NORWAY

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